Summer School at Berlino Schule: German courses, daily activities, Skype lessons and special deals for groups of students! Here all the schedule

Tired of the usual sunbathing on the beach this summer? Would you like to learn or improve German language which is gradually becoming important to find a job in Europe? Are you excited to spend some weeks in Berlin, one of the most different and alternative european city of the moment with a various day and night entertainment?

Berlino Schule’s Summer school is the study-holiday you were waiting for. You will have the possibility to attend German crash courses for five hours a day (from Monday to Friday) for two weeks in the beautiful and frenzy district of Friedrichshain. One crash course at Berlino Schule costs 280€ with maximum 15 people per classroom. The sooner you apply, the better is. Who applies for two crash courses in a raw gets a discount (260€ instead of 280€).

There is more…

Berlino Schule also offers afternoon activities for the students to improve and focus the many aspects of German language and discover the city.

Special deals for GROUPS OF STUDENTS and SKYPE lessons

We offer a special prize and program for a group of people who wants to learn or improve German. We also give you the chance to attend our courses by Skype, with a 45 minutes per lesson with our teachers.


If you think that finding an accomodation in Berlin is a crucial issue, Berlino Schule can handle this for you. We made deals with many flats, hostels, hotels and foster homes in town to make the research easier. Due to the high request when it is not possible to provide an accomodation, the school will help the students with directions and advice. The prices for the housing start from 270€ for two weeks. Berlino Schule will help students who found an accomodation but are not sure whether is easy to get to the school or not.


The Summer school’s courses start from July 3rd to September 7th 2017 and will be devided into two-weeks blocks: July 3rd-14th, 17th-28th, July 31st- August 11th, 14th-25th, August 28th- September 8th. There will be morning (9:15-13:30) and afternoon (14:30-18:45) classes. You can find all the courses with levels below.

German courses: the levels

The beginners will start from A1.1. After 50 hours of lessons throughout two weeks (on lesson is one hour and 45 minutes according to the Languages european convention and like in all the EU language schools), the student will switch to the next level A1.2 and so on til B2.2. I already studied German but i don’t know my level” in this case we can arrange a skype meeting with one of our teachers who can define which level of German you have.

Job after the courses

Who will attend the courses at least until C1.1 and will gain an actual knowledge of that level, if interested, will be put in touch with a company specialized in customers service which is always looking for new staff with German skills. Contracts under the law (at least 8,50€ per hour) both full time or part time with flexible times.


  1. The cost of 280€ will only cover the course and NOT the flight and the accomodation.
  2. No age limit.
  3. For under age students: the school will take care of them ONLY during the courses time.
  4. Who will apply to two courses in a raw will pay the second one 260€ instead of 280€.


JULY / Morning (9:15 AM -1:30 PM) :

A1.2: 17– 28 JULY

B1.2: 17 – 28 JULY

AUGUST / Morning (9:15 AM-1:30 PM) :

A1.1: 31 JULY – 11 AUGUST

A1.2: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST

A2.1: 31 JULY – 11 AUGUST

B1.2: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST


Afternoon (2:30 PM -6:45 PM)

A1.1: 14 AUGUST– 25 AUGUST

A1.2: 31 JULY – 11 AUGUST

A2.1: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST

A2.2: 14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST

B1.1: 31 JULY – 11 AUGUST

SEPTEMBER / Morning (9:15 AM -1:30 PM)


Afternoon (2:30 PM- 6:45 PM)





31 JULY – 11 AUGUST (morning)

14 – 25 AUGUST (afternoon)

28 AUGUST – 8 SEPTEMBER (morning)


17 – 28 JULY (morning)

31 JULY – 11 AUGUST (afternoon)

14 – 25 AUGUST (morning)


31 JULY – 11 AUGUST (morning)

14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST (afternoon)


14 AUGUST – 25 AUGUST (afternoon)

28 AUGUST – 8 SEPTEMBER (afternoon)


31 JULY – 11 AUGUST (afternoon)

28 AUGUST – 8 SEPTEMBER (morning)


17 – 28 JULY (morning)

14 – 25 AUGUST (morning)


28 AUGUST – 8 SEPTEMBER (afternoon)


The teachers and their method

The teachers pay special attention to the conversation, to the practice, introduction and focus – according to the level – the German grammar using the target language. They prefer to involve the students with group work and lectures. Every teacher has a language certification and has perfectioned the language with the years. The facebook page of Berlino Schule has only 5 stars review so far (March 27th 2017).

Not only German

Moreover, some activities (15 hours in two weeks) are planned out of the school time: welcome aperitif at “The Winery”, german movies with Eng.sub., visit the city, pizza at Malafemmena Restaurant.

Where is Berlino Schule?

The adress is Gryphiusstrasse 23. We are in Friedrichshain, one of the youngest and safest districts in Berlin. The closest mestro station is Ostkreuz but also Samariterstrasse and Warschauerstrasse. Nearby the school you can find many restaurants where you can taste food from all over the world or simply drink a bier after lesson.

How to apply and get information

Write an email to

or check out the website

and the facebook page

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