Cooking and Conversation: the new Italian language course at Berlino Schule

Are you in love with the Italian cuisine? Would you like to learn how to cook the most famous Italian dishes? Has Italian culture always had a charming effect on you? Do you dream of impressing your partner, your friends or your family?

Come visit us at the Berlino Schule, we offer dynamic courses where you will be able to learn Italian (basic level to high level, depending on the registrations) and also famous Italian recipes, like different kinds of Pizza, Pasta, Sweets, and everything else you could wish to learn, in order to show off your best cooking skills in a romantic (or friendly) dinner!

Don’t worry if you don’t speak any Italian, the first part of the lesson will be focused on the explanation of all the terms that we will be using later while cooking. Or, if you wish to improve the level of your Italian, we will adapt the course to your needs adding the right amount of grammar to whip up the perfect product for you, and to give you the chance to do some conversation with Italian native speakers.

We will meet four times, every Thursday at 18:45 at Gryphiusstr. 23. Timetable:

First Lesson: Thursday 23th March. We will cook a delicious first course: “Pasta alla carbonara”. Our ingredients will be eggs, pasta, bacon and parmesan cheese.

Second Lesson: Thursday 30th March. We will cook “pasta all’Amatriciana” . A tasteful first course with pasta, tomato and bacon.

Third Lesson: Thursday 6th April. We will cook vegetarian “Lasagne”. The ingredients will be zucchini, mushrooms and besciamella.

Fourth Lesson: Thursday 13rd April. We will cook “Melanzane alla Parmigiana”. This meal is made of eggplants, tomato and parmesan cheese.

Fifth Lesson: Thursday 20th April. We will cook “Risotto alla boscaiola”. Ingredients will be rise, champignons and sausages.

At the end of each lesson we will enjoy the meal all together.

The Teacher. Lessons will be held by Giulia Cassandro, an Italian native speaker, who has a master’s degree and  already lot of experience in teaching Italian to foreigners.

Price. The course costs 40€ (all the ingredients included) or 15€ if you want to attend one lesson. Only the first lesson, Thursday 23th March, the lesson will cost 8 euro.

This course is also a great occasion to meet people and make some friends if you are new in Berlin. You will find a friendly and multicultural environment at the Berlino Schule. Feel free to join us and to bring your friends with!

For more information please send an email to

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